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Dune earrings

When we envision new designs for our customers, we try to stray from the beaten path. The Dune earrings are a shining example of unique style and grace.



They are as unusual and charming as our customers who love wearing them. Feathery and prominent, they are wonderful additions to any casual outfit.

Product Highlights

  • We see them as perfect accessories for hot, summery beach parties or a tête-à-tête with friends
  • The Dune earrings aren’t so easy to define. They may look feathery in one glance and something else when you look at them again.
  • Go with the silver finish or the equally beautiful oxidized finish


Get Your Desired The Original Design From us.
We Also offer Rings without stones, Plain Rings, Engagement Rings, Custom made rings, Relationship Rings and much more.

Please allow 6-7 weeks for your jewellery to be handcrafted in our studio

All are wedding bands and engagement-rings are custom-made for each buyer.

Please contacts us for further questions.

If you have a special date to meet contact us before you make your order and we will do our hardest to deliver your custom jewellery in time.

All custom made jewellery are on final sale.

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