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Hazel Hairpin

1,177.00 kr1,471.00 kr

This hairpin is a great choice for an occasion when you don’t want to wear traditional jewelry. This pin was named after the tree buds that are carved on one end.

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We offer the Hazel hairpin to our customers in various kinds of finishes. That’s because it is a piece of jewelry that also has practical purposes. We’d suggest buying all the types, so you have plenty of choice at all times. We only construct jewelry with environment friendly materials and the Hazel hairpin isn’t an exception. A-grade silver and flawless construction make this product a customer favorite.

Product Highlights

  • Get the Hazel hairpin in brass/bronze, oxidized, or silver finishes

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18 cm


Brons 21 grams, Silver 25 grams


Brons, Oxidized Silver, Silver