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King Elisabeth, is led by Elisabeth Kvist, an accomplished designer, gold & silversmith King Elisabeth is based in Gothenburg,Sweden


My Journey

My education: Sculpture education at the Dômen Art School, Bachelor’s degree in jewelery art at the University of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg (HDK) and two years apprenticeship at the goldsmith Håkan Kuhlin. In addition, I learned to set stones by the jeweler Fares Malko and educated myself further for a few weeks at the prestigious jewelers education at Copenhagen’s Technical School.

The Brand

How do we make conscious and good choices in this jungle of possibilities? What is needed is knowledge of the materials and about the ethical and environmental aspects. Sustainability and longevity is the core foundation of King Elisabeth’s business. I want to revolutionize the industry with an online business model, who puts the customer first. I am taking timeless and classic and giving it a modern and youthful spin, while still staying true to the designs that will stand the test of time.


About Me

Technically, I am a very secure artist. And a curious one too! My love for innovation and experimentation has led me discover a flair for silversmithing and metalwork. Even when starting off with furniture design as my vocation. Today I hold full control of the jewelry design, production and craft. And I strive to use ethical materials and environmental-friendly methods for all the pieces I produce.

Inspirational movies, nature and good music inspire me the most -my cats are the loves of my life.


Feel free to check out my social media channels or contact me via email at info@kingelisabeth.se.