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The Heather wedding ring is our way of glamming up the traditionally plain wedding band. It was designed to be delicate and can be customized as per your requirements.

You can choose how many and what kind of gemstones you want. We can also play with different sizes and colors

The ring in the photo is 2 mm wide and 1.75 high and sapphires in varying colors and sizes, about 1-2 mm each.

Depending on how many stones you’d like the price varies.



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It was designed to be delicate and can be customized as per your requirements. We’d suggest buying it in a pair with the equally heart-winning Heath ring.


Product Highlights

  • Just as you look radiant on the most important day of your life, so will the ring
  • Heather is one half of the glittering pair of wedding rings. The other ring is Heath
  • You can chose what kind of stones and material you would like to have
  • We only make the Heather wedding ring on order



Get Your Desired Heather Design From us.
We Also offer Rings without stones, Plain Rings, Engagement Rings, Custom made rings, Relationship Rings and much more.

Please allow 6-7 weeks for your jewellery to be handcrafted in our studio

All are wedding bands and engagement-rings are custom-made for each buyer.

Please contacts us for further questions.

If you have a special date to meet contact us before you make your order and we will do our hardest to deliver your custom jewellery in time.

All custom made jewellery are on final sale.


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