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Molded Fingerprint Ring

8,500.00 kr

A wedding ring is so much more than just an article of jewelry. It is a promise and a vow to be there for one person for as long as you both live.


This ring is custom-made for each buyer and price may therefore vary in price and shape.

Please read details below.



We decided such a special symbol needed to be made even more unique. Hence we designed our Molded Fingerprint wedding ring. On its surface go either you or your partner’s fingerprint. Since you won’t know what the ring will actually look like, that makes it a product for the adventurous.

Product Highlights

  • Add the sparkle of red or white 18k gold to one of the happiest days of your life. Get the ring fitted with the stones of your choice
  • Made from 100% recycled 18K or 14K gold


Please allow 6-7 weeks for your jewellery to be handcrafted in our studio

All are wedding bands and engagement-rings are custom-made for each buyer.

Please contacts us for further questions.

If you have a special date to meet contact us before you make your order and we will do our hardest to deliver your custom jewellery in time.

All custom made jewellery are final sale.


Additional information


14K Redgold, 14K Whitegold, 18K Redgold, 18K Whitegold


15.00, 15.25, 15.50, 15.75, 16.00, 16.25, 16.50, 16.75, 17.00, 17.25, 17.50, 17.75, 18.00, 18.25, 18.50, 18.75, 19.00, 19.25, 19.50, 19.75, 20.00, 20.25, 20.50, 20.75, 21.00, 21.25, 21.50, 21.75, 22.00, 22.25, 22.50, 22.75, 23.00


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