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Näcken takes many shapes. He is a being with mysterious, almost supernatural powers, and it is easy to fall in love with him. So do not look too long because then you just have to have him. He adorns himself in various costumes. Sometimes in completely white diamonds and sometimes in pink sapphire. But he dresses up just for you so what is your favorite color.



Stenar 0.25 ct / 4mm och 6 pcs 0,02 ct /1.8mm

Width 2 mm

Hight 1.75 mm




Get Your Desired Näcken Design From us.

Please allow 6-7 weeks for your jewellery to be crafted in our studio

All are wedding bands and engagement-rings are custom-made for each buyer.

Please contacts us for further questions.

If you have a special date to meet contact us before you make your order and we will do our hardest to deliver your custom jewellery in time.

All custom made jewellery are on final sale.